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To Loose Leaf, or Not to Loose Leaf?

Victoria Tea Festival BlogThere comes a time when any beginner to the world of tea has a choice to make: to steep another tea bag or to journey into the mysterious, delicious, soothing world of loose leaf!

As one who was introduced to Tetley’s Orange Pekoe and Black Currant at a very young age, I found the decision to try steeping loose leaf tea was kind of a daunting one. As silly as it sounds, I was a little concerned about all the little details – I’m no culinary genius! Would I end up with a ton of loose leaf tea particles slipping through the holes of my tea infuser ball with each sip? Are tea infuser balls even the best way to steep tea or should I steep the loose leaf tea directly into the teapot and find an appropriate strainer to do the rest? It just seemed like so much work for a cup of tea that may not even turn out right. I could just imagine myself serving ill-prepared tea to guests and having each one precariously sipping so as not to accidentally ingest any of the little leaves floating around at the bottom of their cup.

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